Walking is one of the easiest ways to start excercising if you are in good health. It does not require anything more than to put on a pair of shoes, walking out the door and you are on your way.

Still, a walking holiday might seem as a bit of a project to take on, as you have to consider the route, your kit, sleeping arrangements and food.

Oh So Quiet makes it easy to go on a walking holiday, whether it is the first time you are trying this type of vacation or if you are a more experienced walker who is looking for an easy and comfortable solution.


What is better than sleeping in a comfortable bed and having a hot shower in the morning? The joy of arriving at a warm and dry place to spend the night is great, especially if the weather is playing up.

During your Oh So Quiet-walk you will be spending the nights in two different summer cottages. The cottages vary a lot in looks, furnishing and location, but they all have a cozy and private setting in common, for the parts of your holiday where you are not on the move. You will not be sharing a summer cottage with anyone else but the people you have decided to bring along on your walk.

On the description of the individual routes you will find a link to the summer cottages, where you can see pictures of them and read more info about their amenities (please note: this info will be in Danish).






A Danish proverb states that ”Without food and drink, the hero is no good”. This is also true of an Oh So Quiet walking holiday. After a day with lots of walking and fresh air, you need a proper, nourishing meal.

In the summer cottage you will find ingredients and recipies for an easy dinner, breakfast and packed sandwiches for the following day’s walk. Also, a minibar with a selection of drinks and snacks is available.

This means no hassle with shopping or carrying a heavy backpack, or having to go out and meet other people at a restaurant. Instead, enjoy a quiet evening with your walking mate(s).

“The meal box is a wonderful idea. Being able to hike with such a light backpack is freeing and the dinners were delicious!” (Oh So Quiet-guest, May 2019).

The groceries for dinner are delivered from and they take only about 30 minutes to prepare. The courses are based on organic vegetables and cuts of familiar meat and fish. You can also choose solely vegetarian courses.

Note! The different courses are announced two weeks before the hike. You will receive an email where you can choose two courses in a selection of several options.

Breakfast and lunch consist of organic and/or local ingredients. These courses are also announced around two weeks beforehand. Breakfast can for instance be eggs, jam, and bread or porridge.

Lunch typically consists of rye bread/whole wheat sandwiches or a salad – both easy to take with you. You can also choose a vegetarian lunch.

Nyd en lokal øl sammen med et lækkert måltid
Morgenmad i det fri på vandreferien

Beverages and snacks
There is a minibar in every cottage with a wide selection of soft drinks, beer, white wine, red wine, and campaign as well as candy and snacks. We try to keep the prices as fair as possible and avoid having to bring too much yourself.










How to plan for a hike

There are limited preparations for an Oh So Quiet-hike, which is one of the cornerstones of the concept. You do not have to do much preliminary planning besides a few things ahead of your hike.

Make a few miles more
If you are not used to a lot of activity you might find it helpful to walk an extra mile. Park the car further away, use the bathroom two floors down, and walk the dog a bit longer in the afternoon or weekends. You can also take a leap of faith and skip the physical preparation. In that case, we recommend a steady pace with a few additional coffee breaks along the route.


How to get ready mentally
It is a good idea to think about how you might react if the weather is bad or if something unexpected were to happen. How would you handle these situations?

You might treat yourself with that special bag of sweets you brought in case of rain, or you could practise looking at situations from the bright side.

Suggested checklist

  • Backpack (10-20 litre)
  • Sensible footwear like hiking boots or shoes with fairly good support (remember to break in the footwear before the tour)
  • Comfortable clothes (preferably with several layers to adjust your body temperature according to the conditions)
  • A layer of breathable wool clothing
  • Water bottle
  • Waterproof suit
  • Sunscreen, a cap, and sunglasses
  • Snacks
  • Toiletries (use small plastic containers to keep the weight down
  • Waterproofing your things (e.g. plastic bags)
  • Warm socks

Practical informations


The car is parked in a public parking space in the area where the hike starts, and you will be informed about the address before the hike. Some municipalities demand special permission for long-term parking however Oh So Quiet will handle this situation. Parking during the hike is the guest’s own responsibility/Oh So Quiet cannot be held responsible for the parking during the tour.



In the first and second day of the hike, you will receive a text message with information on where to find the key to each cottage as well as when you can get access.


Take care of nature

During the hike, it is important to respect both nature and people in the areas. Leave the used napkin in your lunchbox and dispose of the empty bag of sweets in the next bin. If you gather berries and herbs outside the route, try not to stir up the forest floor unnecessary. 



Before the hike, you will receive a detailed map with a description of the route. You can also find information about attractions, toilets, and shopping facilities (if there are any) along the route. You can find additional copies of the map in the cottages.


Can I bring the dog?

Unfortunately, several of the holiday cottages do not allow for dogs to come. However, should both cottages be “dog friendly” take a look at the tour descriptions. Your dog must be kept on a leash the entire hike.

How should you leave the cottages?

After a good night sleep and hopefully an enjoyable stay, you need to remember: 

  • Doing the dishes

  • Take out the trash

  • Tage linned af sengene og lægge det i en bunke på sengen sammen med brugte håndklæder 

  • Tidy up

  • Update the list on what you have taken from the “minibar”

  • Read the electricity metre (this is also done on arrival)


“It has been safe to hike in new and unfamiliar terrain – just a text message away.” (Anna and Arne, Oh So Quiet-guests in September 2019)

Throughout every step of the hike, you can get support via text message or phone call. It means that you can get help quickly if you e.g. cannot get the oven to work properly or have questions about the route the following day. You will receive texts about the route, keys, and other relevant info about your hike. 

We encourage you to call the number on the map if you get lost or hurt. In case of a critical injury call 112 (the emergency dispatch centre).